Here There Be Dragons
As the Species Roles Demand

By Steve Sneyd

guards as hen egg
geode cave
all spikes up
and down

of gold drink-cups
silver helmet emerald swords
won't hatch

to death
to join the old king in the same
treasure eyed mound.

None-Ridden Wings

By Steve Sneyd

Darkness permits brief sight,
Revelation slicing ice-rose rim

about full moon, drake-star;
Kronos-Time shrugs, make-unmaking was
Every thing, chaos-perfecting claw.

(Appeared in Dragon Chronicle #13)

The Worm of Wharncliffe

By Steve Sneyd

He is one thousand and seven
years old he would appreciate

he would welcome he is starved for
a dedication on the local radio

he is wrinkled he is sightless
eyes ears mouth have long sunk

into the white coil of flesh
no longer do any visit

The forest cross the mere
enter the castle descend the steps

come to his chamber his dungeon
entertain him feed him enlarge him

all all is long gone under the coalslag

(First published in Thirteen 6.3 April 1988
and in Coal City Review #5)

Last Look, Granddad's Place

By Steve Sneyd

pluck off floor severed toenail crescent
clung among mouseballed tracks, infrag feed, dulleye dirt --

held opalshine against grime-crack window face,
catch in smallness throughlight silver, twist as if new hurt --

wonder to see fine self reflection in such opaque-look shred;
turn round and turn from dull ray-gate to caster of shadowspurt --

seems to take silhouette I knew and place on wall between
paler where dead great and great-great holes were and

plunges place back to live-here use: as if bites hurl
man-cuticle remain back onto floorcoat feet-sticker

time to move, go -- rush out, not even shutting unfitting
plasweed door and eyeholed screen still last pale ions

of insectcution power and curt as fear "Good-bye" into
black door mouth and off in hours yet to depart queue but

so much could go wrong or tumbleweed trip break leg and
make forever and eyeprickle surely in grit in breeze hotter'n

still air is never for world had childhood once and
mustn't forget cover up cover eyes head all against

dull heavy horrid near-nova sunshine girds dump
must cut all dead web strands hold to leaving Home for good.

Given Access to the DNA

By Steve Sneyd

long ship of bones clung under
museum Ceiling now would've worn
crystal-plumed wings fireclaw tongue
will spearhead first furious vast
planned patrol over storm of Jupiter
reborn with the promise for obedience
service be let return to Earth
safe said we're sure will never
survive task of impossible we set
no more than scientists believe
rode comet down to reach us once

(Appeared in The Dragon Chronicle)


Translucent as Young Eyes

by Steve Sneyd

homeward from bar
Traherne sees through snow in
air child floating smile as wide as night
of flame

Saw and
could not touch not
save extinguish fire
wept and went helpless home to dream

Child goes
on ever on
through time through place wrapped wars
in tongues red-gold will never burn
sees all

At home
all every where
voyages always safe
in womb in native element
drake's egg

(Appeared in The Dragon Chronicle)


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