Summer of 2000

Hello from Toronto, everyone!  All four of you either started this event, or have been instrumental in keeping it going, so here's our report.

It's a Wednesday night, which is not conducive to going out and partying, so Yvonne and I have spent the evening at home.  There's work tomorrow, so there's not a lot we can do.

A few minutes to nine, we receive a call from Cindi List, a fan in Windsor, across the river from Detroit.  She's new to the idea of the World Wide Party, but she liked the idea so much, she thought she'd call to say hello, and that she's having a toast with her husband, Vic.

As for us?  Nothing so fancy as diet drinks and chocolate chip cookies, the national news on television, and a toast...

To friends here, to friends absent, to friends to come, and to friends gone.

The call from Cindi made us think about Marisa Golini, an Ottawa fan and a childhood friend of Cindi's.  Marisa had a promising career in broadcasting and theatre when she was killed by cervical cancer.  Both Yvonne and I thought of Joe Mayhew, a good friend and Hugo-winning fan artist.  We were looking forward to seeing him at the Chicago Worldcon this year.  Joe died just over a week ago of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, the human version British Mad Cow disease.

More and more, the WWP reminds us how many friends have left us over the years, but allows us to look forward to new friends at conventions we attend.  We wish for hope, health, and happiness for all.

Lloyd and Yvonne Penney.

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