Fierce Fires

The Dragon

By Helen E. Davis

I am the Dragon:
Fierce thing, unaccepted.
Forcing my way into a world
I was not made for.
Unwelcome paradox.
Hatchling of a lizard's egg,
I seek to rule the sky;
Body lined with veins of ice
Throws fire as I fly.
Leather from a thousand bats
Pound fury as I sail:
As I search for gold --
Cold, heartless gold;
Vain, glittering gold --
The one thing that will never reject me.
And those of you who cannot accept
This form thrust rudely into your midst:



Dragon Limerick

By Helen E. Davis

There once was a dragon named Keating,
Who encountered a lady of breeding.
"She may not be chaste --
But the Lady has taste!"
So saying he sat down to eating.



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