THE BEGINNING of a new tradition in fandom all over the world

It was in the letter of Franz Miklis (Austria) where the popular fannish idea had been born:

Franz Miklis wrote in his letter of comment in the fanzine "The Frozen Frog" #9, May 1994, edited by Canadian faned Benoit Girard:

"...Some of your readers take fanzine fandom very serious, expressed in earnest debates about how fandom can, will or has to change the world... For me nothing else counted more in fandom than having fun, fun in communication, in our hobby and in creativity. This has been for more than fifteen years and still is going strong. And tell me, where else is discussed so various topics than in fanzine fandom, ranging from sports to music, from food to sex, from art to hard work, from garden to space, from prehistoric monsters to 'The Next Generation', from magic roundabouts to religion, from quargel to quarks, from hara to kiri, from pipi to pap ..."

Benoit Girard answered the loc: [[Well said, my friend! All this auto-analysis or meta-cognition should not detract us from enjoying ourselves on the first level. In this spirit, let me make a suggestion. Let´s have a world-wide party. Distance doesn´t count, as fanzine fans know very well. On the night of June the 21st (Summer Solstice), 1994, at precisely 9:00 o'clock p.m. (local time, let´s not split hair) I`ll rise a glass to your health. Wherever you happen to be in this world, I hope you can join me. Mark your calendars. Then, let me know of your participation in a corner of your next loc, or on a postcard, so I can see how big a worldwide party we can throw. Report in the next TFF, and „names will be named"!...]]


The idea of a fannish party attracted numerous participants; here is a small excerpt of how fen celebrated this event:

Benoit Girard: "My spur of the moment suggestion to hold a worldwide party created more waves than I expected. This is mainly because Franz Miklis took it upon himself to promote it actively. He sent me a copy of a circular he had made for distribution among his numerous friends.

..But first, my own account: Ginette and I were alone at home. precisely 9:00, as promised, I raised my glass to the sky, in a subdued but heartfelt salute to all of fandom. For some reason, instead of making me feel silly, the ceremonial gesture made me feel good as I thought of all the people worldwide, who can claim fandom as a belonging place..."

Franz Miklis: "Your TFF#9 left many impacts on our fannish life. The creation of the worldwide party seemed the best idea...everybody who has answered my invitation to this fannish fest was enthusiastic about it and agreed to join. I think this could develop into a true fannish tradition in future, what do you think? ..."

Benoit Girard answered this question: [["Why not? It doesn´t take much. Just a reminder, a few months or weeks in advance. A report of some sort is important, I think. Without it, the WWP will fade away eventually. Be my guest, this party is already more yours than mine. You earned it! I thereby knight you High Chancellor of the Worldwide Party! (Mind the sword.) May god help you in your noble task"]]

Franz Miklis continued: "Okay, here is a short report on our festival: Well, I for my part prepared a fine summer-solstice barbecue fest for the "Donnerbalkenschmiede" and it's friends in Nussdorf. At about twenty people crowded around the fire and enjoyed wild boar, Schweinsbratwürstl and a fine collection of Hefeweizens...I've planted my old refractor telescope to give a somewhat cosmic dimension to our little party....At exactly nine o´clock we rose our glasses and we drank to the spirit of fandom and the health and joy to all those fen in all those countries...." (The fannish barbecue became tradition in the home of Franz Miklis up to date!)

David Shea: I will be glad to raise a glass on the 21st. Brandy, perhaps: I tend to use American wines, mostly, but I've never found any drinkable brandy that wasn´t French.

Rodney Leighton: I'll try to remember to take a drink of water at 9 p.m. on June 21...

Fred H. Schütz: I'll lift my glass on June 21, at 9 o´clock p.m. sharp to toast you and all friendly fhans wherever you or she or all of them happen to be at that time!

Walt Willis: I liked the idea of your worldwide party and will certainly take part if I happen to be awake at 3 o'clock British Summer Time on June 22nd

Henry L. Welch: You´ll have to accept my slightly overdue imbibement closer to 10 p.m. It wouldn´t have been seemly to start the party in front of the students.

There are numerous other funny reports such as the one of Willi Weissenbrunner, who had been sailing on a little sailingship near Yugoslavia and had nothing to toast than a cup of seawater, or the funny report of Dale Speirs who celebrated the party in his garden, toasting to all four corners of the world, thus making the neighbors curious.

The fannish party even got an offspring: Dale Speirs found the idea so good that he created a party for the philatelists, who have theirs at May 6th (Britain´s first postage stamp was issued May 6th, 1840)

And each year since the beginning the fannish crowd is growing and rejoicing.

1999 is the sixth time that this fannish tradition takes place, and as usual all friends of this idea shall join and have fun.


Do it the fannish way on June 21st at 21.00 o'clock!!!


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