This is Our Land

By Janette Davis

File found by human scientist. Time estimated at somewhere in the 3500's.

What has become of us? This once great civilization of ours, reduced to so little. The first ones on Mars, the first to go. We weren't worried at first. A human spaceship, such a simple toy, landed on Mars. Humans settled. It was a place on Mars where we found no use for. They could have it. We were happy, among our advanced cities and robots. Never any wars, for violence was against our custom. We thought humans would be happy too. Ha, like humans could ever be happy. Problems appeared and instead of trying to live with them or fix them, humans just blamed them all on lack of space. So they expanded, yet we showed little concern. Humans still lived in the part of Mars we didn't live in. Two separate races, two separate parts of the planet. We could all share. What a big laugh. Humans continued to expand and they got close to one of our most important cities, Marsatopica. We sent diplomats to talk with the humans about the space problem. The funeral held for them was a grand one. Confusion arose. We never meant harm yet humans murdered our kind. We wanted to explain to humans the problem with the expansion and try to find a solution. Did they even listen to us? We will never know, may the only ones who could have answered rest in peace. It didn't take long for humans to come to our city. First what humans call government official told us we must leave. We refused, telling them we were here first and humans had their fair amount of space. They had earth, Luna, earth's moon, and part of Mars. They left...for awhile. Then they returned saying we must leave or else. We refused again. Then came the day we call the Eve of Blood. I was sadly witness to this event. Humans came with tanks and guns, we didn't fight back determined to keep true to our peaceful nature. I stood outside the city gates, I saw the flames, I heard the screams, I smelled the stench of death. Innocents were dying, all for more space. Mothers tried to run from the city, carrying babies. Why did humans go this far? Why?

The humans continued to destroy us, taking more land. We have been reduced to this little stretch of land, where barely anything can grow. The humans never asks us if it was okay to settle here. The humans never spared a thought to us. We were here first. We are the ones who suffer the worst. We have been through much pain, just so humans can fill their selfish needs. What will happen, when space does run out and humans will come face to face with reality? Will they regret what they did? This will probably be a time far in the future. A time in which, as much as I don't want to believe it, we're are gone. Dead. Extinct. I wonder if humans will ever feel hurt for what they did to the martians? I pray one thing, not for us but for the whole universe. May history never repeat itself.


About the author: Janette Davis is heading into seventh grade. She enjoys doing e-mail, reading, writing, surfing the Internet, drawing, collecting stuff animals, and putting things on her head. She lives in Ohio where she is with her family and her master, Tigger the cat.

Copywrite 2004 Janette Davis

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