I should perhaps acquaint you with Equal World. Equal World lies beyond The Point Of No Return, which is that point in the space-time continuum where nothing makes a difference. Its capital is Equalville and its denizens, the Equallers, are more equal than anybody else in the whole wide controverse (Equallers take "universe" as an insult) and consequently their most eminent citizen is called More'n'equal. All Equallers must do service for an equal year in the Equal Forces and their most devastating weapon is the equalizer. Their method of propulsion is the equal drive, which takes them anywhere in a jeephee (the Equallan equivalent of jiffy). Their language is Equalese, and their currency the equallar, which they insist on exchanging one to one with the US dollar. Their youth are organized in the Equal Scouts and their favorite beverage is equalola. Oh, and they do not cheer but jeep (their cheerleaders being called jeep litter!)

What more is there to say ...

X's, like aren't we glad we're more controversial than the Equallers,

Fred Schuetz

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