Here's a collection of poems from a collection of people on a collection of topics. Enjoy!

There was a young Jedi called Luke
Who flew fast and low with a nuke
He blew up the DeathStar
And slew his bad Father
And wrote it all down in a book
-- Patrick L. Dey

There once was a Captain called Jim
Who set course for the Rim on a whim
He met Q and the Borg
But he missed his pet dawg
And said "Next time we'll stay in the sim."
-- Patrick L. Dey

Solo was a pirate pilot
Fast and mean and low
But when he met the Princess Leila
Lo! His heart did show
-- Patrick L. Dey

The Enterprise crew sailed across the black sea
Out to the stars beyond
They made peace with the Klingons
Had lunch with the Vulcans
And shot home at warp speed for tea
-- Patrick L. Dey

In answer it said forty two
But the question, it's sad, no-one knew
Then along came the Vogons
Who made bygones bygones
And nobody knew what to do
-- Patrick L. Dey

There once was a boat called Serenity
Whose Browncoats fought fiercely 'gainst tyranny
Then along came a gal
Whose mind fried men to hell
So they treated her mightily gingerly
-- Patrick L. Dey

There once was a Timelord called Doctor
Whose TARDIS Rose said surely rocked her
Through time they set sail
And ne'er once did she wail
So he told her he totally grokked her
-- Patrick L. Dey

knocked me up
I'll die having these children
-- JJ Minor

There once was a Jedi so bright
He led all the folk with his light.
Sadly he slay'd her
And became Vader
And turned to the side of the Night.
-- Helen E. Davis

Beyond the final frontier
You go
May the force with You

-- Patrick L. Dey