Haikus of Spirit from Firefly

by Patrick L Dey

With swashbuckling action, Chinese-American colour, sex, humour and humanity, Firefly brought to the small screen (and with Serenity, to the cinema too) a depth of story telling not usually associated with SF. The show is the people, not the special effects.

Writer, producer and director Joss Whedon is interested in how we might live in a future where, as now, governments are corrupt and people on various planets struggle to get by. He sees them as spirited, principled--if according to a pirate's code; upholding timeless traditions of respect and decency despite the failure of futuristic science to deliver quality living.

Their language is a delightful blend of quaint old fashioned Western-style talkin', modern slang ("We just hit atmo, Sir") and Chinese slang from an "Earth that was" culture dominated jointly by America and China.

These haikus are a small attempt to capture some of Firefly's spirit through memorable quotes. Each line is from one of the scripts of either the TV shows or the movie. They're mashed into Haiku form in a manner I hope is consistent with Firefly's spirit. The original -- brilliant -- writing was by Joss Whedon.

* * *

Can you move your feet?
Are you asking me to dance...?
Out here in the black

It don't mean nothing
What do you mean, not with me?
A power that heals

It never goes smooth
You can't take the sky from me
Bits. Fluids. What am I?

It's just an object
It doesn't mean what you think
I'll be in my bunk

Up 'til the punching
It was a real nice party
It's time to wake up

The girl is a witch
Yeah. but she's our witch
We live in a space ship, dear

* * *

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