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by Helen E. Davis

Five and a half centuries into the future:

The Earth has died but mankind has spread out across the galaxy, exploring new planets and meeting new forms of life.
The spread of mankind is followed by the growth of Cyclone Pharmaceuticals, whose goal is a better and healthier life for all humans, and maximum profits.
The growth of Cyclone Pharmaceuticals is followed by the GreenSPACE movement, whose goal is a healthier life for all living beings in the universe, human or not.
The GreenSPACE Movement is followed by those who believe that Greenspace doesn't go far enough: The Silent Runners.
These are the stories of the people not all of them human who watched the rise and fall of the Silent Runners, and had their lives changed by them not always for the better....


Worldbuilding can refer to the construction of planet on which a story is set, complete with eco-systems, geology, and astonomy, but here it refers to the biological constructions of the aliens which appear in the book. Here are various documents and pictures for your enjoyment. As often happens in Worldbuilding, names and facts change until they are finally nailed down in a story -- and even then, they sometimes continue to change! So as you rummage through this background, it will be your challenge to match the worldbuilding with the alien race in the book.

Anyone can build a Martian. Can you build a Better Martian?

Yes, but how do Martians have sex? In this, the sequel to the previous piece, I explore the building of genders, sexual practices, and care of young. I've also added a bit of fiction illustrating my ideas, which may not be suitable for all readers. It's the purple prose... See Martian Sex!

If our earth orbited a sun fifty percent heavier that our Sol, would it be no more than a parched, overheated orb? Maybe not. Come to Heavisol.

Our DNA is a double-stranded helix. What would be the implications of a triple-standed genetic molecule? My ideas in CHARACTERIZATION OF A TRI-SEXUAL, TRI- CHROMOSOMAL BIOLOGICAL SYSTEM (Never in print.)

Does Religion have a place in SF or Fantasy? I argue yes in Religion and SF/Fantasy

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