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"The Pills That Should have Cured Everything" in The Crone's Words, October-December 2021

"Running on Empty," in Universe of Attractions:Cross-Species Speuculative Fiction Love Stories, Dead Fish Books, 2021

"The Wind in My Fist, The Waves of My Mouth," in Kek Vs. Cthulha, Rouge Planet Press 2021

"Walking In A Tavistock Mall," in Dreadful Nostalgia: Tavistock Galleria II, 2020

"Foxfire Future,"in Lovecraft Mythos: New and Classic Collection, Flame Tree Press, 2020.
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"On Monday, I Buy Groceries," in No Safe Distance: Stories From Quarantine, 2020

"To Women Go," Marion Zimmer Bradley's Bradley's Sword and Sorceress #34, Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Works Trust, 2019

Territorial Rights, Copper Publishing, 2011

"Queen of Hearts," in Mutation Nation, 2011

"Guardian Gargolyes of the Gorge," in Past Future Present: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction,Copper Publishing, 2011

"Demonfire Ash" Abyss and Apex, Spring 2011

"A Wall To Keep The World Out" Marion Zimmer Bradley's Bradley's Sword and Sorceress #25,Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Works Trust, 2010

"Merlin's Clutter" Marion Zimmer Bradley's Sword and Sorceress #24,Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Works Trust, 2009

"Fly, Chase, Fight" Adventures of Sword & Sorcery, #2 1996

Dead Fish Books
Universe of Attractions: Cross-Species Speculative Fiction Love Stories
How different can two entities be, and still form a relationship? Twenty authors answer that question in this collection of innovative and deeply moving love stories.
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Maroon Sunia
Wanted for murder, Sonita's only hope is to travel across the land searching for the true murderer, while wearing armor that gives her the glamor of a Barbarian Princess with a giant golden sword. With a talent for storytelling and her companions--a light-fingered rouge, a recalcitrant bard, and a literal hedge wizard--Sonita takes on pirates, ice orges, and giant man-eating chickens (among other adventures)in her quest to clear her name.
In a future with interstellar travel and oppressed aliens, ecoterrorists battle against a malevolent pharmaceutical corporation.
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Bastard In The Promised Land
As a new resident of the Free Spacer society, Dutch must learn to navigate unfamiliar mores and customs, as well as a dysfunctional family, outer space aliens, and llamas.
Talaski the Starred
When Talaski stole the fat man's purse, he wanted a good meal, a decent change of clothes, and a safe place to spend the night. Now he's upside down with a bloody star carved into his chest, the sacrifice in a Wizard's duel, and all he wants is to survive.
Desert Songs
Three together: Kavyn, his future lost amid deadly dunes; Silver, banished from his people for his crime, and Dynis, determined to forge Swordsons from these two shattered souls. Before any of them can find the way home, they each must face pirates, demons, and the secrets hidden in their hearts.
David Lodger goes off to college at Bhrama University and finds himself navigating the confusion of classes, romance, magic, treachery, and the unusual culture of the Freni, his new housemates.
DEAD FISH: Stories For Students Who Forgot To Bring Reading Material To Class
A collection of short stories for preteen and young adult readers.

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