We have much exciting news about the newest Pokemon release, Pokemon Zircon. Many long awaited features will be available!

NEW ATTACKS! Magikarp and Feebes, the two most maligned pokemon of all the lands, will now have a ten percent chance of learning a new attack in the middle of a battle.

NEW DANGERS! In Pokemon Zircon, trainers now face dangers from high cliffs, swift river currents, or dirty old men. If a trainer dies, the game restarts from the last visit to the Pokecenter. When a trainer uses up all his or her lives, the game ends and must be restarted from the beginning. Extra lives can be purchased from the Pokemart.

NEW ENEMIES! Team Rocket, Team Aqua, and Team Magma are all old hat. The new enemy you must fight it Team Development, whose plans for the Pokemon world include strip malls, interstate highways, and enough condos to house all the currently homeless inhabitants. In a wide twist from previous games, you now have the ability to join Team Development, and increase your earnings through careful investments.

NEW TEAM INTERACTIONS! The pokemon on your team will now directly affect the health of the other pokemon. A strong carnivore, for instance, may increase in hitpoints as the hitpoints of weaker, vegetarian pokemon decrease.

NEW POKEMON! Here is a glimpse of the new pokemon which are exclusive to Pokemon Zircon:
Petrocken, which learns the exclusive move shatter (a one hit KO against itself with no damage to the foe), Cthulthuleon, the Elder Pokemon, and Oragonia, the Trail Wagon Pokemon.

NEW BERRY RULES! When you plant a berry, you have a ten percent chance that it will be a weed instead of a berry tree.

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